Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Exchange Programme

I went to the dialogue session at kh. Here are some pictures taken...(Xiang gong, c I din break my promise...hehe)

Specially dedicated to BBQ :-p

Chinese New Year

Haha...know it's very very late to post these pictures up...well...better than nothing lor...I went to my best friend's house on the first day....

My best friend (SF)
K chio me out for ktv session with her cousins on the 2nd day...
C & Me
(Trying very hard to ask her to act cute)haha...

The 3 sisters....They are very fun loving...

Me and SH

Funny shot as usual

Realised that I like to sit at my xiang gong's da tui...haha...

My colleague's wedding

I was so so busy with my work and Chinese opera. Finally, I'm back to post some pictures of my colleague's wedding.

My colleague, Rachelle...(She looks like princess...)

XY and Me

Me and ZY

ZY and Rachelle