Thursday, June 25, 2009


Recently, I have been meeting up with friends from pri sch, sec sch and nie...This always happens during june and dec holidays as I usually have more time during these periods....Thanks to my friends who are very understanding. They know I can only meet them during these two months...

I went to Wheellock Place for lunch with Da Jie & Er Jie... It had been a year since we met and we're still very chatty during our meal. Well, we had so much to share about what happened for the past year...

I went to Paragon for dinner with EL and HY... I thought I will receive a red card from EL (who is getting married soon...) but the cards are not ready...HY, I'll put up the photos at facebook...

I went to Raffles City for dinner with SF and YY. We had a long chat and then we went Boat Quay for a drink and 'sight-seeing' after that...hoping to see somebodies...but in the end, we ended up leaving that pub pretty early...will post up the pictures soon...

Even if we're busy, it's really great to meet up with friends once in a while to find out more about one another. In my opinion, good friends are not necessary to be with you physically all the time, need not be seeing you everyday and frequently, need not keep on reminding you that they're your good friends (Believe me, some pple really do that!) , need not keep on msging or call you, bla bla bla... As long as they understand and really support you, that's friendship.

I really have to thank my good friends who are always there for me during my hard times...only you all understand what I'm going through recently and support and encourage me always...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taiwan Trip

I visited Taiwan two weeks ago. My holidays lasted a week and I got to go to different parts of Taiwan to enjoy the food and scenery.

I arrived at Chiayi on the first night. After checking in, I went to the night market at Wen Hua Street. Food is really cheap and delicious there, especially 三色蛋 and 卤味.

Night market at Wen Hua Street

On the second day, I took a train to Alisan. It took more than 4 hours to reach there.

the train station at Chiayi

Alisan Xiao Huo Che


Early in the morning, I took a train to Zhu Shan to see sunrise...It was really not easy for me to wake up so early and I had to climb up flights of stairs to get to the viewing point.

I arrived at Taipei in the evening on the third day. As the night was still young, I went to Ximending for a meal and at the same time, I went to take a picture of The Red Theatre.

The Red Theatre was renamed as Xi Men Hong Lou

On the next day, I went to watch Taiwanese Opera before going to Shilin for snacks. The performing troupe was Xiu Qin Ge Zi Xi Tuan.

I was told that I had to go to Taipei 101. I was pretty disappointed with that place. I left the place soon and went to Wu Fen Pu for shopping instead.

Finally, I went to Danshui for Fisherman's Wharf and Tie Dan.

It was really an enjoyable and fruitful trip for me. Given a chance, I would want to go there again...

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back!

I'm finally back from Taiwan!

My trip was so enjoyable and I've taken lots of photo...I have been to different places to try out different food and will post up the photos soon...