Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sat's Performance

Kh is going to stage a performance on 3 Families this coming Sat. Though I am not acting in this show, I have to help out on Sat. I like this show because it's very funny at some parts. I hope I will get a chance to watch it on Sat.

Kh is going to have a long break after Sat's performance. I'm very happy cos I can rest at home. However, I still have to memorise the scripts and practise my movements during the long break. According to leader, we're going to stage many shows after the break...

I hope I can manage cos I'm not very confident. I'm afraid of my panting problem, my facial expressions and my movements. I am always not able to bring out the emotions of the character...sigh...I'm always not able to pose nicely...hahaha... However, I'm grateful that I am given such opportunities to learn. Many thanks to my friends in kh, who have given me much support and help. Whenever I don't know, they are always very approachable. I can also learn many things from them.

I appreciate the long break...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Performance: Bloodshed

We had just finished our performance at Woodlands CC. I remembered I acted this show many years ago. At that time, I acted as a palace maid and that was the first time I went to Victoria Threate to perform. One unforgettable incident was I burned my make up box in the make up room. (LOL)

This time round, I acted as a soldier. I always feel uncomfortable when I act male roles because I tend to behave like a girl. The above picture will explain better....hahaha...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Long Time no Blog

It's such a long time that I last blogged. I will put up the pictures that were taken these few months since I returned to kh.

This is the first show that I acted when I returned to kh. I was very stressed up cos we performed this show at drama centre. Furthermore, I was still adapting to kh since I have not touched opera for many years.
This is a happy experience for me. My first time to Drama Centre. It was very cold at the backstage. We tried to take candid shots and made funny faces. I think my makeup was very nice cos it's done by k.

This is the first show after my customary. I was super stressed up due to lack of practices and my stamina has not recovered after my wedding. Leader and my kh friends were still worried for me a few days before the actual performance. I tend to pant a lot and I could not reach the high notes.
Luckily, it was over. I was sabotaged by the mic. Imagine the audience could not hear me at all (I caused them to watch pantomime). Maybe I was not sabotaged. It was all because of my soft voice. Though I did not do well for this show, I was glad that I gained some experience. My target is to gain as much as experience now and work on my acting skill. I will take up whatever role given to me as long as I can go on stage to learn.

This is the recent show. I was very excited when leader offered me this role. I acted this character once donkey years ago. I like this character very much cos she is very lively. This was also the first show that I learned when I first joined kh. I remembered my makeup and hairdo were terrible plus horrible. Mx couldn't stand me and decided to do a makeover for me. Hahaha...

After so many years, I acted the same role. I was still bothered about my panting problem. Leader and friends were still worried. Hahaha...I tried to control my diet a week before the actual performance and I was still coughing non-stop at the backtage.

Luckily it turned out to be fine despite looking like a kitchen maid. I felt that I was better than 7 years ago. I was more lively and my movements were slightly better. Of course I have my own secret weapon to help me....(shall not elaborate on this)......

Hopefully we can act this show again. I will want to improve some more.

Next Sat is another performance. Though I'm taking up a small role, I still look forward cos this is my fav show. I like the couple characters in this show (Somemore acted by pple who I like).