Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding banquet @ Pan Pacific 2

Hugging Trend:

Sh & Xz

Me & Yh

Me, Yh & Sh

Xz & Me

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding banquet @ Pan Pacific 1

Aunt ZZ invited us to her daughter's wedding banquet last Sat. Mx has blogged on this but I have somemore pictures here...xj, such a pity that u were not ard...look at the pics k...

Me & HM

Me & JX



Me & MX

Me, ZQ & MX

SH & Me
(Actually have a nicer pic...waiting for her to email, got my hint? haha)

Me & LF



Me & JM

(My parents in Jade..haha...)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My colleagues

Actually just wanna show me in long hair and short hair...Cos I'm thinking of cutting my hair again...k said that I should go to perm my hair since I have natural curls...I'm still considering...I permed before but it was difficult to manage...I rebonded a few times but it only lasted for 6 mths...Maybe it's time for a change...Aiya...girls always fanz about everything on appearance...haha...

Dinner @ Le Meridien

Finally, I could access friendster and got these pictures from my friends...We had dinner at Le Meridien in Sept and then went to cheong after that...

I look very odd in this combination...

My colleagues

Me and my best pals @ St James...
(But forgot the club's name)

Full Dress Rehearsal @ Kh

The full dress rehearsal took place on 6 Oct (Sat). As I mentioned in my previous post, I couldn't upload the pictures that I took that day.

Finally, blogger is friendly again...

Peeping at sh behind the door when she was singing.

This lady in pink was trying to ensure that her hair was not so messy....

Nice pose...

The kh kids...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

East Coast Outing

I wanted to show xj and her kids' pic but really dunno why I couldn't load the pictures up...sianz...

Today I went to east coast with kh friends...Din really enjoy myself fully cos time was too short...went to meet sh,wmy and hm at katong shopping centre...Finally, i'm going to make a blue dress for practices...

We went to meet other kh friends after we left katong. We rented a bike each and cycled all the way to Bedok jetty from Mcdonald. Aiya, I fell off my bike on the way back to Mcdonald. So malu...

We left east coast around 7pm. Then I met my hub for movie. However, we din get to watch cos we were late for the scheduled time. In the end, we went to oasis for crabs...After that, we went to bowl @ west coast...Finally played till 2 plus...