Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Visit to SAFTI MI

I went to SAFTI MI with my colleagues yesterday for Learning Journey. There is a very tall tower (88m) with 200 over steps. My colleagues suggested to climb up the stairs so I followed along. It was very tiring for me as I just had muscle cramp last Sat and had not recovered from it. The trip was an enjoyable one and we went to Kampong Glam for lunch.

View from the tower

View from the tower

View from the tower

the tall tower

(panting after coming down from the tower)

A & Val
Tea break

Val & CS

Me & JA

ZY & Me
(I look fatter than him in the pic: it's the angle )

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Performance on 11 Nov @ Bukit Timah CC

We went to Bukit Timah CC for a performance today. The performance started at around 9pm so I only reached kh at about 3pm. However, kiasu me did not start putting on my makeup when I reached kh. I was called to rehearse with the dancers for The Banquet. I took my own sweet time and decided to start at about 5pm. I was so slow that I started to be very stress when I had not done with my hair do at about 7.30pm. Luckily, I managed to finished up everything and went to cc. Thanks to lf, zq, wmy,ya and xz for helping me. Thanks the dancers and yh to keep dinner for me.

Pals, pls comment on my make up. Thanks...

Old pictures 2

As I promised sh to post up old pictures of opera, I finally found some pictures taken during the jade performance last Dec. However, those pictures were badly taken. So sorry, sh. I only have one better picture...

Well...saw my grad pic so post it up to chou ri nao...:)

Fun shots

As we all know, we will never ever give up any opportunity to take fun shots...As usual, k will be the first to start...

Blur look?

Stuck up?

My K2 graduation
(Silly picture of me)

This picture is purposely taken to show hm...hahaha...

Top Scholar

Well...Today was a happy occasion because my 五姑爷 went for his imperial exams and became the top scholar...He invited everybody to his celebration at kh...hahaha...(Poor me have a lot of dishes to clear...)

五姑爷 (wmy)

五姑爷 (wmy)

五姑爷 and his brother, 四姑爷( karen)

五姑爷 & 五小姐 (Hd)

五姑爷 & 二小姐 (ya)

老爷 (zn) & 五姑爷

kitchen maid (me) & 五姑爷

四小姐(Hm) & 五姑爷

Teacher Bai & 五姑爷

夫人(Jm) & 五姑爷

The Yang & Chen families 1

The Yang & Chen families 2

Monday, November 5, 2007

Old pictures

I just went back to school today as I was down with a bad flu and sore throat last Friday. Sh sent me a msg that she had posted some old pictures up on her blog. There were many pictures taken in last year's perf and I thought it was fun looking at old pictures. So I told her that I would dig up some old pictures and post them here. To my disappointment, I could not find any picture. I remember that I did bring my camera along but I really don't know where the photos are. So sorry, sh. Probably you have to wait a little longer. Haha...

Hmm...however I have some old pictures. (not related to opera)

My best pal's (Dajie) dog

My girl when she was young

My best pals @ NIE

One day @ the zoo

I found him near my house a few years back. I named him "Ah Boy"...
He's in the care of my gf.

The first time I permed my hair...
I hope I don't look too old...

My favourite toys when I as young...
not them...but their "siblings"

Dajie's dog

At Dajie's house

Me and EJ

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding banquet @ Pan Pacific 2

Hugging Trend:

Sh & Xz

Me & Yh

Me, Yh & Sh

Xz & Me

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding banquet @ Pan Pacific 1

Aunt ZZ invited us to her daughter's wedding banquet last Sat. Mx has blogged on this but I have somemore pictures here...xj, such a pity that u were not ard...look at the pics k...

Me & HM

Me & JX



Me & MX

Me, ZQ & MX

SH & Me
(Actually have a nicer pic...waiting for her to email, got my hint? haha)

Me & LF



Me & JM

(My parents in Jade..haha...)