Monday, June 25, 2007

Dumpling Practice

I went to practise the dumpling show today. I was very nervous because I was not confident at all. I'm afraid I would be blur like the first time.

However, leader coached us patiently and I got to learn a lot from her. Mx commented that I was better today compared to the previous practice...very encouraging le...

Leader also feedbacked that my movements were not "continuous"...very odd in this way. I got to work harder in this area.

Apart from that, the songs were difficult to sing and I was panting non stop when I moved and sang at the same stamina...very disappointing....(mx was laughing at me...bad...)

I hope I can do better the next round.

First Day of the new school term

On the first day of the term, my colleague called me and asked me if I was at the school. Gosh! I had missed my meeting this morning...cos my mail account was down for a few days. So silly! It's a bad start for the term....hee...

It was a tiring day for me and I was still in the holiday mood....Overall, I think I have started to get used to the school days.

Good luck to me for the remaining school days this year.

Genting Trip

I went Genting for a few days with my hubby. It's a cooling place but the only attraction there is the casino. I don't think I will go there again.

This is the only picture that shows my hubby and me.
I had to wear wind breaker at all times cos it was very cold for me.

Quite a nice place

My make up...

I'm so so so disappointed when I looked closely at my pictures taken at Taman Jurong performance. My make up was really bad. No wonder xj didn't comment about it...haha...

2nd performance

1st performance

See the difference?

Performance @ Taman Jurong CC

Hehe...I think it's a little too late to talk about this while mx and xj have already posted pictures taken on that day. However, I still have "du jia" pictures that they don't have..haha...

This picture was taken at backstage. I did my make up myself again. However, my make up was not nice compared to the previous one, especially my eyes.

K in her pajamas

Top, xj and ya

The owner of the medical hall

Look at their expressions! They were not ready when I clicked. the end, they kept on "complaining" that I clicked too fast...

Whose comb is that? Plus whose hand huh?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Performance @ Fajar Shopping Centre

We went to Fajar Shopping Centre to perform yesterday. It was an outdoor show so we were perspiring and fanning all over. My make up melted before I went on stage so I quickly touched up with xj's super duper two-way cake, that can make my make up last longer.

I did my make up myself again. Actually xj and k wanted to come to my house for make up. However, xj decided not to because her hubby was not feeling well. K came and we were chatting non stop and doing our make up at the same time....In the end, k took more than 2 hours to finish up. That's unusual of her...LOL...

This photo was taken when we were on the way to Fajar. I like my lips but they were not drawn by me la....My hair was partly done by myself le...with the guidance of k and xj.


This is the picture I'm talking about lor..