Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KTV session

I went to ktv with my colleagues some time ago...These are the photos...

Some funny pictures

xj accidentally brought back the mic clip. Btw, wonder if she has returned....

Just for fun only - My celebrity look alike

Monday, September 3, 2007

Teachers' Day Dinner

I had the Teachers' Day Dinner at Le Meridien Hotel on 30 Aug. As the school started from 9am and ended at 12pm, we had a few hours to prepare and get dressed for the dinner. I wore my newly bought dress from Verge. I didn't bring camera on that night cos I was carrying a small bag. Such a waste!

After dinner, we agreed to go clubbing. I had not been to clubs for donkey years. Really! My life is too busy probably. So we went St James at Vivo City. It was my first time there and I saw a big crowd of pple queuing up, just to get into the place. My question is "Why do pple waste their time queuing up for a long time?" Haha...Maybe we're used to here...

I saw Sylvester Sim there. I was very surprised. He looked very young and I heard that he was only 20. However, he's cool and I think he sang well.

We took a few pictures using my colleagues' camera. Hopefully, they will give me soon for me to post up. Overall, I enjoyed my experience there although my colleague told me that I looked a little blur after drinking...hahaha...maybe I was tired...?

On the next day, I was too exhausted cos I slept at 4am. As usual, I went to kh and was late. Leader seemed unhappy. I was still very sleepy when we were rehearsing...Then I saw xj's sleepy face too...hahaha..