Monday, May 17, 2010

Congratulations to DO!

DO (延戏) has found its home at Bukit Batok Arts Centre.

For those who are interested to join us in performing Hokkien Gezixi (福建歌仔戏), please email

Busy Busy Busy...

So busy recently till I simple have no time to blog about my performances...

Please visit DO's blog for the pictures :)

The busy period hasn't ended..we're still rehearsing for the performance on 29 May 2010. STRESSED!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

DO's Rehearsals and 扮仙

My mum called me yesterday to ask me if we're interested to join them in a performance at a temple in April. They're going to put up <<扮仙>>. My GF asked me to act 麻姑 and my mum suggested YZ to be 魁星 cum 状元.

I believe it's going to be very fun and I'm really excited about it. YZ and I will be going for the performance...haha...It is YZ's first time. I hope she will enjoy this experience :D

Well, performance means time is needed for rehearsals. We need to squeeze out some time for this show. Furthermore, DO is having a performance season from April to June. Therefore, time management is very important in this peak period. Every week is sooooo busy and packed with work and opera practices. Just like yesterday, YZ and I went for a meeting with the manager of GE Home early in the morning. Then, we spent the whole afternoon and night practising LS and SBXS (Part of it cos no time...).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's soooooo difficult to rip and upload video up to the net...well, I finally did it...that's the best i can do :)

This show was put up more than 1 year ago...I really enjoyed acting on the stage with the marvellous music co-played by the musicians from Zhang Zhou Xiangju Troupe. I simply love this experience :D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Xmas Party 2009

ZY invited me to the Xmas party at Marina Pier last year. That evening was unforgettable as I was lost in CBD for more than an hour...I went round and round and could not find the route to Marina Pier...haha...However, I had fun at the party...

Fan Dance

As we were asked to perform for the kids on Children's Day 2009, my colleagues and I put up a dance item.

Xiao Ting & me in our costumes

Japan December 2009 - 03

Huis Ten Bosch

Bear museum @ Huis Ten Bosch

Backyard (Palace) @ Huis Ten Bosch

Active volcano @ Kagoshima